Welcome to Reinshtein Photography and Artworks! This website features the works of D. Y. Reinshtein. He is into photography and arts. He loves to capture special moments, show intricate details, and continuously challenge his creative mind. It is his way of sharing his passion with the rest of the world. We have a page dedicated to all his works – from his famous macro shots of insects with drops of water on their heads to his other ventures in digital arts, jewelry design, and photos of people, events, and places. All of his artworks showcase his brilliant eye and amazing creativity that sets him apart from other photographers. He has helped us see the world in a different perspective. 

Visit our photo gallery which features different shots of various subject matters from nature, wildlife, people, and inanimate objects. We explore different angles and different positions as we take pictures of what could be considered as your usual subject matter but because we have taken the time to explore with our equipment and discover new angles, they are seen in a different light. We take macro and micro shots – making the small stuff larger than life. We also take close up shots so that we can still get a sense of how the object or living thing relates to the world around it. All of these are done in the pursuit of presenting them in a fresh perspective.

Reinshtein Photography and Artworks offers classes for all those who want to learn more about micro photography and digital arts. D Y Reinshtein wants to share what he has learned from the fundamentals to the tricks of the trade. We have designed the classes so that they can cater to different levels of skills and abilities from beginners to experts. Learn from D Y Reinshtein himself on how to frame your shots and use your equipment to maximize their specifications and uses. He will also discuss concepts such as magnification, contrast, and balance. For those interested to take his classes, you can register online. D Y Reinshtein recommends that you use Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens, Canon 5D Mark II, and Nikon D300s for taking pictures during his classes.

Reinshtein Photography and Artworks has created an online support group for photography enthusiasts. We connect you to photo enthusiasts in different parts of the world so you can engage in meaningful discourse about your passion. Members can post their photos, ask questions, and get ideas from the group regarding their subject matter. Members can also have access to free online tutorials to enhance their craft. They can also take advantage of the vast resources and talents of our fellow members who can help them improve and develop their photography skills. They can also ask them for tips on how to take that perfect shot so that they can take photos worthy to be put on display inside their garage doors in Tempe. 

Come and discover photography. Let us all capture life’s amazing moments in vivid detail.