There are moments in life that you want to capture forever as a fitting reminder of that particular time when you felt so happy and so alive. That is the beauty of photography. Photographs and memories come hand in hand. Photographs make us sentimental. They capture those special moments so that you can look back with a smile on your face because you remember exactly how you felt and what amazing things transpired when that photo was captured. A photo gives you that feeling that you want to go back in time and relive those moments. But of course, we cannot. All we can do is look back with all the satisfaction of knowing that in one particular moment in time, we were happy, we were vibrant, we were living our life.

beauty of photograph

Photographs make you realize how fleeting life is and you need to enjoy every second of every day. In the hustle and bustle of every day, we need those reminders. We need to be reminded of love, family, and friends. Or about experiencing the beauty of nature. That is why photos never go out of style. We want to capture every amazing moment of every day in our eagerness to be reminded of the good things in this life. We fear that we may forget those moments as soon as they are gone. 

Photographs make you realize how fleeting lif

That is what enthralled me about photography. I want to give the gift of special memories to other people. I want to be the instrument for them to be able to look back and smile at the beautiful moments they shared with their loved ones. Those special memories give them the joy and hope that they need to be able to make it through some of life’s toughest times.   

So, go ahead, take as many pictures as you like and always be reminded of the beauty of life.