They say if you love what you do then you never have to work a day in your life. How wonderful it would be if this were the case for each and every one. But sadly, there are some who have to drag themselves to work day after day because they do not love what they do.

I believe we are all given different gifts and abilities so that we can share them with the world. It is important to know what those gifts are so that we can cultivate them. Only you can be the best version of yourself. There are many people who are not attuned to their God-given talents. They decide to be someone they were not designed to be. For example, some study medicine to become doctors but in reality, they want to study music to become singers or performers. And in the process of becoming doctors, they feel an emptiness and loneliness deep inside them. And when they look deeper, they know they have not been true to themselves. They were blinded by their desire for stability and high income whereas being a singer would be a big risk. But it is exactly those risks that make life worth living. When those risks pay off, you will be living your dream.


What I am saying is you have to pursue your passion. Be truly madly deeply in love with what you do. Do not let your dreams die. If you do, it is like killing a part of yourself and this can be the root cause of that nagging feeling of unhappiness no matter how successful you appear to be to the rest of the world. I am blessed to be doing what I love to do. I pursued my passion and strived to be the best that I could be and I am glad to say that all my hard work is now paying off.